View inside of International semi cab showing installed Situational Awareness Package 5.0


Protect your drivers, equipment and cargo with Situational Awareness Packages offered by Morgan Truck Body. Each package is designed to ease the burden placed on drivers by improving visualization of what's happening behind and around the truck, as well as in the cargo bay. SA Packages offered by Morgan employ advanced technology focused on reducing collision risk, driver overload and hazardous conditions. This includes DVR incident recording for evidence and accident capturing.

Three graduated levels of ENHANCED TECHNOLOGY packages are available.

Situational Awareness Package 1.0

SA 1.0 Package

Situational Awareness Package 3.0

SA 3.0 Package

Situational Awareness Package 5.0

SA 5.0 Package

Images above are for visualization purposes only. Actual coverage areas may vary.

Situational Awareness Packages provide ENHANCED VISIBILITY inside and outside of the vehicle. All at the driver's fingertips.

Digital Rear-View Mirror product

Digital Rear-View Mirror

An anti-glare 9.66" LCD screen enables drivers to see what's going on behind the truck body from a clear streaming video feed transmitted by a rear-mounted HD camera that captures a 170° view.

*included in all packages

Back-Up Proximity Sensors product

Back-Up Proximity Sensors

Detects objects behind the vehicle, displays distance on an LED panel, and provides an audible alert when objects are too close (set of four).

*included in all packages

Back-Up Camera System product

Back-Up Camera System

7" digital monitor connects to cameras mounted on the back of the vehicle. Infrared illuminators enable visibility even in the dark.

*included in package SA 3.0

Cargo Area Camera product

Cargo Area Camera

Supplements the Digital Rear View Mirror with cargo area monitoring to identify potential hazards including cargo load shifts.

*included in package SA 5.0

360° Camera Systems + Monitor product

360° Camera Systems + Monitor

Four HD 1080p cameras with DVR and 9" touch screen provide optimal visibility of surrounding environment in real time. 3D imagery improves safety and maneuverability, and helps manage distance of potential hazards.

*included in package SA 5.0

Safeguard Your Business and Drivers

  • Reduce distracted driving and mental overload
  • Improve visibility inside and outside of the vehicle
  • Mitigate collision risk
  • Seamless integration

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