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The LARGEST MANUFACTURER of Medium-Duty Dry Freight and Refrigerated Van and Truck Bodies in North America

Morgan Canada Corporation began its transportation legacy in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, on the site where Conestoga Wagons, the undisputed heavy-duty haulers of their day, were manufactured through the late 1800's.

Founded in 1952 as a small welding shop, Morgan grew from its humble beginnings to become today's recognized industry leader in truck body manufacturing.

With a foundation built on innovative design and quality construction, Morgan has experienced tremendous growth, resulting in the strategic acquisition and operation of manufacturing facilities and Authorized Service Centers across the US and Canada.

In addition to making it possible to deliver quality products and service quickly and efficiently to customers anywhere in the country, Morgan's diverse locations also support enhanced response to changing customer needs. From any of a wide range of thoughtfully designed "standard" bodies, to highly customized products to accommodate changing needs – including electric vehicle mandates, and increased demand for mobile service units, and final-mile delivery vehicles - customers look to Morgan to supply the best bodies for their businesses today…and tomorrow.

Morgan Canada Corporation - a business unit of JB Poindexter & Co, a privately held diversified manufacturing company, offers a wide variety of career opportunities, both internally and across the JB Poindexter & Co family of companies.

We offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits including health, dental, vision, life insurance, disability plans, 401(k), paid time off, tuition reimbursement and more; and we pride ourselves on team-member development, performance recognition, and a culture of diversity and respect.

Whether you are just beginning your career or taking the "next step", learn how you can build the career YOU CHOOSE with Morgan Canada Corporation!