Morgan Canada Corporation Partner Spotlight

Morgan partners with a wide range of leaders from key industries to offer our customers product enhancements that increase the value of our products to our consumers. From function, to appearance and durability, our working relationship with a range of specialized manufacturers means that your Morgan body will deliver the best blend of innovation, engineering, and quality for years to come. Check out our featured partners to see what they can offer you today!

Demountable Concepts
Takler USA
Corporate Office
Morgan Truck Body
111 Morgan Way, PO Box 588
Morgantown, PA 19543
Toll Free: 800-666-7426
Local: 610-286-5025
Morgan Technical Sales
Northeast: 866-284-6746
Midwest: 866-672-9608
Southeast: 866-500-6932
Southwest: 800-767-7654
West Coast: 888-350-4203
Canada: 800-268-4562
Morgan OEM Parts
Toll Free: 877-703-9415
Bailment Pool Programs
Toll Free: 855-595-3554