Platform/Dump LandscaperPro loading aggregate
Platform/Dump LandscaperPro loading mulch

Morgan's Heavy-Duty Dump Truck

Landscapers, maintenance crews, contractors, material suppliers and tradesmen of all kinds know there's no room in the schedule to worry about durability or to work around the limits of your truck. Morgan's LandscaperPro dump truck body is engineered to provide superior strength regardless of the body size. Steel I-beam construction, heavy-duty 10-gauge steel flooring, steel rub-rails and LED lighting are just a few of the standard features that result in a body that's hard to beat!

Make work easier with our integrated double acting hydraulic cylinder scissor hoist, forklift-friendly side door access, unencumbered bed access, and underbody tool storage options to maximize bed space. When your work demands strength, durability, and versatility you can depend on, you know you can depend on Morgan!



Morgan Platform/Dump LandscaperPro hoist operation animation

Morgan offers an electric double-acting hydraulic cylinder scissor hoist for easier, more efficient unloading on-site.

Platform/Dump LandscaperPro flooring

Heavy-duty 10 gauge steel flooring is able to endure more wear and tear than most of the competition.

Platform/Dump LandscaperPro cab extension
Platform/Dump LandscaperPro cab extension

The LandscapePro's over-cab extension provides extra protection for the cab AND increases carrying capacity. But don't worry -- access is made easy with a strategically positioned step-up and grab handle.

Platform/Dump LandscaperPro understructure

Built with 7" structural channel longrails, high-strength 3" I-beam cross members on 16" centers, the LandscaperPro is tough enough to handle whatever you deliver. Longevity is also supported with an external rub rail that provides added protection for your stake side pockets.

Platform/Dump LandscaperPro bumper

The LandscaperPro's heavy duty bumper allows easy hook-up of pintel or ball hitches, and wiring attachments. Morgan also includes conspicuity tape as standard - helping to improve visibility when driving to and from the job site.

Morgan Platform/Dump LandscaperPro heavy-duty swinging doors

Heavy-duty swing doors open a full 270 degrees. A conveniently stored step-up, allows easy, unencumbered bed access. The LandscaperPro's wide side-door swings a full 180 degrees to allow easy loading or unloading of materials from the side.

Platform/Dump LandscaperPro toolbox

Optional underbody tool storage helps to maximize bed space while making access to small tools convenient and easy.

Platform/Dump LandscaperPro lighting

Standard LED body clearance / ID FMVSS compliant lighting is installed using a molded harness and sealed plug-together connections.

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Platform & Dump: LandscaperPro

Rugged durability is expected in a dump truck. But Morgan exceeds expectations by adding easy access, versatility, and a wide variety of options to suit your unique needs!

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