Dry Freight Furniture Mover unloading boxes at a home - Morgan moving truck bodies
Dry Freight Furniture Mover driving thru a small town - Morgan moving truck bodies

Combine nearly seven decades of experience, with a commitment to quality, and you have a moving body that is different – and BETTER – than others in the market. Morgan moving bodies offer durable construction, rugged and easy-to-clean laminated floors, and strategically located tie-downs that help to protect valuable cargo. Add ergonomically designed features such as slip-resistant steps, easy access grab handles, and optional interior and exterior lighting packages and you will see why Morgan stands apart from the crowd.



Dry Freight Furniture Mover front peak

Optional "peak" overcab storage compartment maximizes your cargo area and provides additional storage and out-of-the-way protection for fragile cargo.

Dry Freight Furniture Mover floor

Our standard 1 1/8" laminated hardwood flooring is durable enough to handle heavy loads and is easy to maintain - to support an amazing first impression and cleaner cargo environment. Additional flooring thicknesses are available.

Dry Freight Furniture Mover rear roll up door

Industry best Morganplate panel doors mean durability and no corrosion – ever! We set the industry standard using composite plate materials for all rear and side doors. Morgan supports your needs AND PREFERENCES by offering a wide variety of door styles to make it EASIER to access the cargo area!

Dry Freight Furniture Mover under structure

Our stronger, lighter-weight, corrosion resistant sub frame with 3" I-beam crossmembers on 12" or 16" centers (depending on body length) with 4" longrails is the standard for dry freight truck body stability and durability.

Dry Freight Furniture Mover toolbox

Morgan's underbody tool box options support quick and easy access to the equipment you need, while keeping tools out of the cab and cargo areas where they can cause damage.

Dry Freight Furniture Mover roof

Our Furniture-Mover standard roof is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum. An optional translucent roof is also available for those who want to take advantage of ambient light. Other options include a wood liner, or a translucent hybrid to satisfy your unique needs.

Dry Freight Furniture Mover interior lighting
Dry Freight Furniture Mover rear lights

Morgan's bright LED FMVSS-compliant lighting provides excellent visibility.

INSIDE, the cargo area dome light features an indicator switch mounted on the cab dashboard for easy access. And optional motion sensing lights are also available for added convenience.

OUTSIDE - sealed clearance lights installed in the front corner caps, side top rails and across the rear header are also standard on your Morgan Final Mile Furniture Mover truck body; helping to ensure that you're visible to others as well!

Dry Freight Furniture Mover bumper

Morgan supports your needs and preferences by offering a wide variety of bumper styles. Standard delivery includes a DOT (ICC) compliant underride bumper with an optional walk ramp and bumper blocks for easier, more versatile access.

Wall Construction

Aluminum, Morganplate or Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood wall construction ensures solid choices when it comes to the functional qualities you prefer – AND the image you want your Dry Freight, box, straight-truck or van to present! It's easy to see how Morgan earned its reputation for innovative design, quality construction and superior customer service! There's NoBODY Like Morgan!

Morgan Dry Freight aluminum wall construction

Aluminum Wall Construction

Affordability and lightweight are key considerations when it comes to selecting aluminum wall construction for your box, straight-truck or van body, because light weight adds up to reduced fuel consumption. But light weight doesn't mean compromised strength when you have Morgan ingenuity built-in! Extruded aluminum top and bottom rails with 1 3/8" deep galvanized z-shaped steel vertical posts installed 16" on-center, provide superior structural support. And the .040" aluminum skin exceeds industry standards. Aluminum is also corrosion-resistant, making it an excellent choice when it comes to protecting your cargo from the elements year-after-year.

Morgan Dry Freight morganplate wall construction

Morganplate Wall Construction

Morganplate delivers a unique combination of strength and versatility for those who recognize the value in having your body perform double-duty as both a delivery or service vehicle AND an excellent marketing tool! Composite construction – consisting of two external skins thermally bonded to a high-density polyethylene core, makes Morganplate strong, durable, energy absorbent and impact resistant! Innovative design and construction helps to protect your valuable cargo mile-after-mile. On the outside, Morganplate's clean, uninterrupted surface is a perfect canvas for custom-graphics. With Morganplate, beauty is more than skin-deep!

Morgan Dry Freight FRP wall construction

FRP Wall Construction

Morgan's FRP panels includes a 3/8" plywood core, entirely encased in polyester resin reinforced with high-strength woven fiberglass. It's tough. It's durable. And it out-performs the competition when it comes to its ability to resist dents and scratches – inside and out. The smooth exterior surface is also a great place to display custom-graphics and promote your business everywhere you go! Morgan even offers custom paint and decal installation for your convenience!

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Protect your drivers, equipment and cargo with Situational Awareness Packages offered by Morgan Truck Body.

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Situational Awareness Packages provide ENHANCED VISIBILITY inside and outside of the vehicle. All at the driver's fingertips.

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