Process Required To Initiate A Warranty Claim

Morgan Canada Corporation is pleased to announce a streamlined website for Morgan Customers, Distributors and Authorized Repair Centers to file AND track warranty claims. Subsequent to filing a claim, this new program will allow our customers to track their claim 24 hrs. per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! It is also equipped to provide the customer access to the contact information for the specific Morgan Warranty Representative assigned to the claim for any follow-up questions and/or concerns.

This program is the new, innovative and user-friendly way to better track and ensure timely facilitation [from Start to Close] of our customers claims, and will assure our customers that warranty concerns are being reviewed promptly and processed efficiently. Please choose Body Warranty Complaint to submit your claims today! If you have any questions regarding the Morgan Website Portal for submitting warranty claims, please contact Morgan Warranty's Department Manager, Chuck Noll by telephone (610-286-2250) or by email chuck.noll@morgancorp.com.

Warranty Procedures (click to expand)

All warranty claims must be authorized (via Morgan warranty authorization #) prior to repair work being performed. An eight (8) digit warranty authorization number is assigned to all warranty claims. The authorization number can only be obtained by contacting a Morgan warranty representative. The Morgan serial number (located on the serial tag on the roadside bottom rail toward the front of the body) must also be provided.

Pursuant to the terms outlined in Morgan's standard warranty, failure to obtain the proper authorization prior to repair work being performed may result in the denial of a claim.

It is the responsibility of the repair facility and/or end user to obtain proper authorization (Morgan warranty authorization #) from the Morgan warranty department.

Failure to follow the proper maintenance procedures (outlined in the maintenance decal located on the front of your Morgan body and in the Morgan owners / maintenance manual included with every newly manufactured Morgan truck body) may void the Morgan warranty.

An estimate of cost for repairs and/or costs for replacement of defective parts must be provided upon request.

See invoicing procedures for processing invoices for reimbursement.

  1. All Warranty Claims must be authorized by a Morgan Warranty Representative (via Morgan Warranty Authorization #) prior to repair work being performed. The Authorization Number can be obtained by uploading the claim on Morgan's Website Portal pursuant to the process described above.
  2. Pursuant to the terms outlined in Morgan's standard Warranty, failure to obtain the proper authorization prior to repair work being performed may result in the denial of a claim. Warranty repairs may only be performed by an Authorized Morgan Repair Facility. Please visit Morgan's website to locate the nearest Authorized Morgan Repair Facility.

When an approved warranty repair is completed, an invoice must be forwarded within five (5) business days to warranty.invoices@morgancorp.com. Or you can mail it to:

Attn: Warranty Department

C/O Morgan Corporation
111 Morgan Way
PO Box 588
Morgantown, PA 19543

All invoices must include:

  1. Morgan warranty authorization
  2. Morgan Vanbody serial number
  3. Description of warranty work completed
  4. Separate line item for labor
  5. Separate line item for parts

Note: Failure to include the Morgan warranty authorization # will delay payment, and may void the warranty.

National fleet account claims must be submitted directly to the appropriate fleet headquarters for processing.

Morgan Canada Corporation warrants the installation of non-Morgan-manufactured components (e.g., liftgates, refrigeration units) for a period of six months from the original In-Service date to the original purchaser.

PLEASE NOTE: Morgan's warranty for overhead door installation is 90 days.

Morgan does not warrant items not manufactured by Morgan Canada Corporation.

Warranty Claims for non-Morgan-manufactured components are to be handled directly between the repair location/end user and the component manufacturer.

For warranty issues involving non-Morgan-manufactured components, the repair facility or the end user may contact the Morgan Canada Corporation Warranty Department for assistance in determining how and where the warranty issue can be addressed. Whenever possible, Morgan will direct the warranty issue to the particular component manufacturer's location.

Warranty Contact Information

Eastern USA (MPM, MPD, MPE, MCT)

Morgan bodies manufactured at Morgantown, PA (MPM), Denver, PA (MPD), Ephrata, PA (MPE), and Moosup, CT (MCT)

Mike O'Neal
Phone: 610-286-2768
Fax: 608-758-0324
E-mail: mike.oneal@morgancorp.com

Central USA (MWI, MOH, MGA)

Morgan bodies manufactured at Janesville, WI (MWI), Orrville, OH (MOH) and Rydal, GA (MGA)

David Acklin
Phone: 610-286-2245
E-mail: david.acklin@morgancorp.com


Morgan bodies manufactured at Ehrenburg, AZ (MAZ), Riverside, CA (MCA), Denver, Co (MCO), Portland, OR (MOR) Corsicana, TX (MTX) and Lakeland, FL (MFL)

Gerry Rosenfield
Phone: 610-286-2767
Fax: 608-758-0324
E-mail: gerry.rosenfield@morgancorp.com

Canada (MBO)

Morgan bodies manufactured at Morgan Canada – Bolton, ON (MBO)

Mike O'Neal
Phone: 610-286-2768
Fax: 608-758-0324
E-mail: mike.oneal@morgancorp.com