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Thank You to All Who Served…And Continue to Serve!

Morgan Canada Corporation proudly celebrates our affiliation with parent-company JB Poindexter & Co (JBPCO), a Certified Veteran's Business Enterprise (VBE); and we are equally proud to declare our shared commitment to the active recruitment of our retired and active-duty reserve veterans.

By partnering with the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA), and Certified Service-Disabled Veteran's Business Enterprises (SDVBE), Morgan is able to acknowledge those who served, and offer opportunities for these dedicated men and women to be part of a team that values the qualities they honed through military service.

Through our appreciation for the qualities our veterans possess, and our desire to incorporate those same qualities into all we do, Morgan strives to provide a supportive work environment for our veterans, the satisfaction of a job well-done, and the pride that's earned by building the best truck bodies in the business! We are the best - because YOU are the best!

"My work at Morgan is very similar to my background in the military, and I think that the part that is most similar is having a great team. We have a lot of great people to work with at Morgan, and there's also a lot of good promotion and advancement opportunities."

- Colin Kielick

Whether you have completed your military service, or you continue to serve in some capacity, Morgan appreciates the sacrifices you and your family have made, and thanks you for your service!

Learn how you can continue to be part of a team that shares your commitment to be the very best!


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