Electric Vehicle Refrigerated Concept Body

Introducing The EV Refrigerated Concept Body

Morgan Canada Corporation has brought together team-driven design, superior quality, and the latest technologies to satisfy the demands of an ever-changing market!

wind tunnel lines showing aerodynamic design closeup of air deflector on top of cab to direct airflow over truck body view of the side skirts to show wind deflection around underbelly and tires wheel covers to keep airflow away from rims closeup of vortex generators at the back of the truck body

Aerodynamic Design

Morgan's Refrigerated Concept Body features aerodynamic design elements that decrease wind resistance across the entire truck body. The result is improved energy efficiency, extended range, and greater profitability.

  • Aerodynamic Air Deflector
  • Aerodynamic Side-Skirts
  • Wheel Covers
  • Vortex Generators
structural composite foam core panel walls view of aluminum sub-frame Aluminum rear truck body frame view of aluminum bumper increased energy efficiency increased payload capacity

Light Weight Materials

The evolution of light weight materials makes it possible to build a dry freight truck body that weighs less without compromising strength or performance. Lighter weight lends itself to reduced energy consumption, extended range, and the ability to increase payload.

  • Structural Composite Foam Core Panel Walls
  • Aluminum Rear Frame, Bumper, and Sub-frame
  • Increased Energy Efficiency and Payload Capacity
All-Electric Refrigeration Unit Automatic Side Curtain Door

Superior Temperature Control

Morgan's Refrigerated Concept Body features an all-electric refrigeration unit, and automatic side curtain door to deliver superior temperature control across the cargo area, regardless of outside conditions. And state-of-the-art Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) reporting provides greater peace-of-mind for you and your customers.

  • All-Electric Refrigeration Unit
  • Automatic Side Curtain Door

Situational Awareness

Morgan's enhanced monitoring systems provide full 360-degree views and digital rear-view mirrors, to support increased visibility in and outside of your vehicle. In addition, the latest 360 surround view cameras with automatic hazard detection monitor surroundings and alert drivers to changing conditions. Easy access to visual information also helps to reduce strain on drivers.

graphic showing full 360 degree view around the vehicle automatic hazard detection view of cab layout with reduced driver information overload view of digital rear view mirror view of digital rear view mirror view of inside cargo area

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